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AP University - Master of ADI

Just around the corner on September 26 and 27 we will be conducting our "coveted" AP University session "Master of ADI".  This two-day training session provides design engineers, technicians and purchasing folks with essential information regarding the production of ductile iron, design of castings, a deep dive into the austempering process and finishes up at Joyworks Studio where students get hands-on experience in a state of the art, small scale foundry that is used for both prototyping and education.  This program provides the essential tools for the design or conversion of parts using austempered ductile iron (ADI).  The class takes place September 26 and 27 at our Livonia, MI facility and there are a few spots available.  Join the 250+ graduates of this class and sign up by visiting www.appliedprocess.com/ap-university or contacting your sales manager for additional information.

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