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ASM George H. Bodeen Award

At the ASM Heat Treating Society- Heat Treat 2017 Show in Columbus, Ohio (last month)- one of our Directors, John R. (Chip) Keough, was honored to receive their George H. Bodeen Award.  Established in 1996, the Bodeen Award, recognizes distinguished and significant contributions to the field of heat treating through leadership, management, or engineering development of substantial commercial impact.

The sentiment on the Keough award reads:

“For advancing business growth by emphasizing fundamental materials knowledge in the heat treating industry and for passionately supporting the next generation of engineers through materials education.”

Chip was overheard saying "I am truly grateful to my peers in the heat treating industry for awarding me with their highest honor, but it represents the hard work of a truly remarkable team, the people of Applied Process, who I have been honored to work with".

With Chip is Steve Kowalski of Kowalski Heat Treat,

Immediate Past President of the ASM Heat Treating Society

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