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Fab to Cast Conversions Bring Success to AP and Our Customers

The major area that OEM’s find benefits from the use of ADI is in Fabrication to Casting conversions.  These conversions lower cost, increase performance, and reduce part number counts.  Unfortunately, many engineering teams are short staffed or aren’t fluent in casting design.  For these reason, the Applied Process staff assists customers with numerous casting conversions every year.  Through assisting in the conceptual design and conversion process we can help reduce the time and labor that is involved in a conversion.

Pequea is an Agricultural company who found huge benefits in the Fabrication to Casting Conversion process.  Last year they converted their Inner and Outer Tetter Pivots from two separate welded assemblies that incorporated 40+ individual components to a single Austempered Ductile Iron Casting that can be reversed to form both the Inner and Outer pivot parts.  This is a reduction of 47 part numbers that they no longer make, order, or inventory.  This conversion equated to a huge cost savings, improved product consistency and increased performance.

If you have a troublesome fabrication or a part that you feel might make a good casting conversion, don’t hesitate to contact your local sales person.  We would be happy to help you achieve success like the example shown above!


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