Why   Applied   Process

More Than Just a Heat Treater

While reflecting upon our success of the last twelve months in the face of strong economic headwinds, it becomes evident the reason we were successful is the strong relationship we have with our customers and the value our services provided.  The end product is a part which has been perfectly austempered, marquenched, or CarboAustemperedTM.  However, our education and design assistance is clearly a competitive advantage in helping our customers reduce total cost, lightweight, and improve part performance.  To assist in this, our team of sales engineers and six metallurgists/materials engineers stand at the ready to help in the development process.  We invite you to attend our newly improved Applied Process University happening May 16 & 17 in Livonia, MI.  For more information, please email Cindy Duman for more info at cduman@appliedprocess.com. In addition, Applied Process offers education and design assistant to our customers through other training offerings.  Please contact Steve Metz at smetz@appliedprocess.com for more information.

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