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New Sales Records & thoughts on Driving Sales Growth

2017 has been a dynamic year with a soft start and a consistent build to our record months in May and June.  At the same time, we have honed our schedule management to achieve record high on-time delivery while maintaining our expected level of the highest quality in the industry.  Agriculture and Heavy Truck have led the way with double digit percentage gains both in historical business along with new product releases.  ‘Seeds’ (time and effort) planted between two and four years ago are now flourishing and we are reaping the benefit of assisting our customers in producing lower cost, lightweight parts with higher performance utilizing Austempered Ductile Iron and Steel.

Growing sales is a priority in almost every business and Applied Process has a unique recipe to accomplish this.  Our focus is perfection in austempering and assisting our customers in the conversion of parts to the process with the best overall value.  Educating our customers and providing assistance with conceptual designs are the foundation of our sales process.  Give us a call, we are happy to provide education and design inspiration at your facility or ours.

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