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Every farmer has different needs. Impact and wear-resistance in agriculture equipment can vary from crop to crop and the variables don’t stop there. That’s why AP personnel take to the fields with our partners in agriculture equipment design to get our hands and boots dirty to find out first-hand the unique specifications for each Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) part used for farming applications.

Never just a “supplier,” AP works with customers to develop new applications and better methods for building equipment with parts that last. AP innovation happens not just in the heat treat shop, but also in the foundry, on the farm, in the machine shop, and in the assembly plant.

This video was made on an operating farm owned by a designer of agricultural equipment.  The piece receiving this rough treatment is made of ADI. The kind of impact resistance coupled with wear resistance displayed in the video is critical when you have as diverse of a customer base as American farmers.
AP was there when these parts were field tested.  AP will be there to support your efforts, too. VID00123.mp4

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