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AP Westshore, Inc.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

In 1984 Applied Process was incorporated as a company dedicated to expanding the application of the austempering process. In spite of continued expansions, by 1994 Applied Process was operating at capacity. In 1995 a sister company, AP Westshore, Inc. in Oshkosh, Wisconsin was incorporated.

The Oshkosh facility uses leading edge controlled atmosphere-to-salt technology for austempering cast steel, gray or ductile iron, and carbo-austempering™ of steels. Building on the technology advancements developed by Applied Process, the Oshkosh facility was a "green-field" plant built as a dedicated facility, designed specifically for the atmosphere-to-salt batch austempering process. The plant layout minimizes work movement and maximizes efficiency. AP Westshore, Inc. currently uses a fully data-based process control system and incorporates the following:

Integral Quench Batch Austemper furnaces with capacities up to 6,000lbs and a maximum load size of 36”W x 72”L x 54” H (914mm W x 1829mm L x 1372mm H).

In addition AP Westshore, Inc. has a metallurgical laboratory for physical testing and process analysis. With 24- hour, seven-day operations and ISO 9001:2008 certified and CQI-9 compliant, AP Westshore, Inc. stands ready to serve your needs for Austempering of steels and cast irons. As the leader in austempering technology, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services available, on time, at competitive prices. We can help you improve your product AND your profitability by applying the austempering process. For more information contact us at:

John Walczak - VP of Operations

Vic Salazar - Production Manager

Bob Prusky - Plant Services Manager


AP Westshore, Inc.

4000 State Highway 91
Oshkosh, WI 54904

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