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    Every farmer has different needs. Impact and wear-resistance in agriculture equipment can vary from crop to crop and the variables don’t stop there. That’s why AP personnel take to the fields with our partners in agriculture equipment design to get our hands and boots dirty to find out first-hand the unique specifications for each Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) part used for farming applications.

    Never just a “supplier,” AP works with customers to develop new applications and better methods for building equipment with parts that last. AP innovation happens not just in the heat treat shop, but also in the foundry, on the farm, in the machine shop, and in the assembly plant.

    This video was made on an operating farm owned by a designer of agricultural equipment.  The piece receiving this rough treatment is made of ADI. The kind of impact resistance coupled with wear resistance displayed in the video is critical when you have as diverse of a customer base as American farmers.
    AP was there when these parts were field tested.  AP will be there to support your efforts, too. VID00123.mp4

  • Video: The toughness test for conventional Austempering vs. Quench & Temper


    Designers need hardness and strength without compromising toughness. We’ve  proven that Austempering Steel is superior over conventional Quench & Temper heat treating when it comes to producing stronger, more wear resistant parts.

    Watch below as our team fractures Martensitic quench & tempered 4350 v-notched bars and Bainitic Austempered 4350 v-notched bars to see which was tougher.

    Conventional Quench and Temper cycles result in a martenstic matrix while Austempered steel has a bainitic matrix. The bainitic matrix provides radically improved impact properties at hardness levels above 40 HRc.

    View the video here

    Check out more of our videos on AP’s YouTube channel and join the conversation with us through our Bainite is Better and ADI Mongers groups on LinkedIn.

  • Monster in Size, Service and Savings


    Our new Monster PartsSM furnace in Oshkosh, Wisconsin now gives the Applied Process family of companies the capability to austemper parts ranging from ounces to a ten-ton gross load.

    Below is a drawing of the Monster PartsSM furnace, complete with figures drawn in to give a better sense of scale. Want to know if you have what it takes to feed the Monster? Learn more about the capabilities of AP facilities worldwide and contact our team to request a quote for your project, big or small.

World Leader in Austempering Technology

Applied Process is a group of commercial heat treaters that specialize in the Austempering process. We get paid to heat treat people’s parts, but what we really do for a living is help our customers to replace one material/process combination with a better, faster, cheaper one.

- AP is the world leader in Austempering technology. It’s all we do since 1962.
- Our iron and steel metallurgical bench strength is unmatched in the industry.
- Our dedicated R&D center is always working on the next new technology.
- AP plants are state-of-the-science, clean, safe, efficient and ISO certified.
- 95% of our business is derived from engineering conversions.
- AP engineers can provide your team conceptual and design assistance.
- We can show you how Austempering can be used in lightweighting.
- We help your business enter new markets and improve your bottom line.

Whether AP is working as a reliable step in your manufacturing process or a cost effective supplier of outsourced Austempering services, you’ll find us to be a “no problem”, cost effective collaborator.

Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)
Austempered Steel
Carbo-Austempered™ Steel
Carbidic Ductile Iron (CADI™)
Austempered Gray Iron (AGI)

Austempering: making your iron and steel parts tougher, stronger, lighter, quieter, wear resistant……and greener.

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