What’s Stronger Than a Polar Vortex?


Seventeen engineers braved the severe winter weather in the Midwest to attend the January 2014 session of AP University, hosted by Applied Process Inc., leaders in austempering technology. AP University is an invitation-only, educational event for engineers hosted twice a year by Applied Process, based in Livonia, Michigan. The AP University session includes classroom lectures and workshops on casting design and metallurgy, and tours of heat treatment and metalcasting sites. The goal of the three-day seminar aims to teach engineers new component design possibilities made possible by working with ductile iron and austempered ductile iron (ADI) castings. The group of attending engineers – some who traveled to Michigan from as far away as Oklahoma and British Columbia – represented various industries, including: heavy truck, agricultural equipment, light vehicle, metalcasting and railroad. By expanding the engineer’s knowledge base, AP University builds opportunities for engineers to explore casting conversions from forgings to fabrications for existing components they design. Classroom lectures at the January session of AP University focused on design possibilities to make components lighter, stronger, more wear-resistant and less costly. Topics included Casting Design, Understanding Test Coupons and Iron Specifications, Introduction to Foundry Processes, Heat Treatment of Ductile Iron, and Machining ADI. With energy savings and fuel economy of high importance for most manufacturers today, this seminar highlighted optimizing component design by using ductile iron castings as a cost-effective tool in lightweighting. The AP University students also toured the Applied Process facility in Livonia, Michigan, to see heat treatment of castings first-hand. The group also visited Joyworks Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to see foundry operations up close, including melting, treatment and pouring of ductile iron. Attendee Jim Kennedy, VP of Engineering from A. Stucki Corporation, said to the AP staff “I really enjoyed the AP University and learned a lot from each of you. Your support and training of your customers is unprecedented and greatly appreciated. I am certain that we will be sending more of our employees to future AP University sessions.” The next session of AP University is in May 2014. For more information about the AP University program, please contact Vasko Popovski at vpopovski@appliedprocess.com." January 28/2014.


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