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Always Greener. Now Bigger.

Far from being a rare sight, Applied Process MONSTER PARTS™ made from Austempered steel and iron can now be observed on six out of the seven continents in the world. Popular for use in habitats like wind turbines, rail transportation and mining, Austempered Iron and Steel components are tougher, stronger, lighter, quieter, more wear resistant and energy efficient than traditional materials.

So, they leave a smaller environmental footprint even in the biggest applications. You could reason it’s a whole new breed of oversize MONSTER PARTS™ manufacturing, and it’s only from Applied Process Inc.

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AP and its affiliates have pioneered ever-larger austempered iron and steel parts and the equipment to run them. Now, with monster parts, we’re on the hunt for specimens that weigh as much as 10 tons.

ADI can lighten the load in rail and heavy transportation parts. it’s a difference that allows for cost-effective integration of multiple-piece weldments and assemblies into large, single-piece castings.

austempered steel and adI components are reducing weight while increasing the reliability of parts on wind turbines, and in other large gearbox and powertrain applications.

heavy mining, construction, and material handling equipment operate in severe environments. ADI has been proven to provide cost-effective, high performance alternatives in ground engaging, drivetrain and structural projects.