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"AP has integrity because they do what they say when they say it."

"AP is good at communicating....if there is an issue they get back to you."

"A major international equipment manufacturer....We feel that a working partnership between Vendors and Customers, combined with quality people is what it takes to be successful to keep moving forward. I feel we have found that with Applied Process.

I just wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to the whole Applied Process crew for helping us get our part off the ground. If it wasn't for AP making the prototype tooling for the test samples this project would have been dead and never made it to the production stage. This project has opened a door for us. "

AP's  Quality  Policy

To deliver the highest quality Austempering services, on time at competitive prices.  If the process you are looking for isn’t listed call us for a referral.


  Why am I seeing such a difference in corrosion between these two parts?


  Great question! There are three main reasons the Austempered part displays less corrosion         than the as-cast part.

  • First, the ausferrite microstructure of the austempered part contains austenite, which by itself resists corrosion. So ADI’s ausferrite matrix is more corrosion resistant than pearlite, ferrite or martensite matrices found in conventional ductile iron parts.
  • Second, there is a thin (less than 0.0001”), very tenacious, layer of micro-oxide that is a product of the molten nitrite/nitrate salt quenching process. This also acts to resist corrosion.
  • Third, parts austempered at AP receive a rust inhibitor in the wash process. Because of the protective atmosphere we use in our furnaces, our customers are able to avoid shotblasting the surface of the parts after austempering, so the rust inhibitor stays on. Many of our customers can actually store their parts outside as a result. At the very least, our customers can send their part from AP directly to painting, plating, or assembly.

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