The   Austempering   Process

If you want to Make it Right- DUCK IT!

An Industrial Fable

Once upon a time, there was a manufactory in a beautiful part of the world. Their trade was to take elements from the earth and, by various techniques, to mold, shape, fettle, attach and connect them into fantastic machinery. Their machinery took the fruit of the earth and peeled, sliced, bagged and labeled it for shipment to markets for consumption by eager mortals.

They had a good, loyal apprentice who toiled in the field, (literally), maintaining the magical machines at their peak performance. The Engineers had told him of a new, and quite different material developed by the Alchemists. They called it Austempered Ductile Iron, but he was hard of hearing and too busy fixing machines to be concerned. He did, however, notice that the devices made with parts created with the special alchemy lasted much longer and made the customers VERY happy. (Not to mention that it also significantly reduced the apprentice’s toil).

One day, he decided that he would tell his employers what he thought. So, he went up to the high place where the Engineers dwelt and gathered up his courage. He was sure that they would listen to him even if he was just a lowly apprentice. After all, he had been there, and had seen the effects of this magical, new alchemy. So, as the Engineers listened from on high, he gathered his strength and spoke. “Ya know guys….these machines would last a lot longer if you used more parts made outta that Hostile Duck Iron”.

And so, boys and girls, began the legend of the Hostile Duck and his famous iron. And that’s the truth….so help me.